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Spanish immersion

Benefits of Spanish immersion

Research shows that immersion education is effective for a wide variety of learners, including academically and intellectually gifted students, non-native English speakers, and students with special education needs and/or socio-economic challenges.

Speakers of a second language have:

  • Improved memory, cognitive thinking and problem solving skills
  • Enhanced multi-tasking skills
  • Strong observational skills
  • Strong listening skills
  • Better performance in other academic areas, including math, reading comprehension and vocabulary **


Dance, art, and music will be a daily part of our program.
Children deserve to be children and will be provided a safe and nurturing environment for learning. Our teachers are enthusiastic, supportive, loving, and understanding.

Hours 9-1 PM

2-Days a week $290/month
3-Days a week $435/month
4-Days a week $580/month
Days a week $725/month


Ms. Mafe, is the best. She is kind, thoughtful and always cares for our kids. My son loves her as a teacher.

Mafe brings a wealth of experience to all of her children’s programming. She seamlessly transforms my son’s high energy into fun, creative dance moves. She teaches with kindness, compassion and love.

Mafe is an incredible person, mom, wife and also teacher, she is sweet and lovely with kids and she loves her job !
Mafe you are doing a great job !! 😘
Ms. Maria tutored our son for over a year and we loved her! Her patience and natural ability with children put my son at ease as he learned Spanish. We are grateful for her dedication as we prepared for our move to Spain.
Thank you so much, Ms. Maria!

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